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Top Tips for maintaining Feminine Hygiene and Comfort

Top Tips for maintaining Feminine Hygiene and Comfort

Maintaining Hygiene and Comfort play an important role in intimate and overall health in the life of a female as it is one of the important factors in overall well-being. Many females still consider talking about hygiene a taboo but the fact is the better we open up about conversations like these, the better knowledge will all the women gain regarding feminine hygiene. Are we right? Here in this blog, you will get to know a lot of information about Feminine hygiene and comfort that is essential for gaining knowledge about the female body. 

Feminine Hygiene and Comfort: A Detailed Explanation 

Well, well, well, here we have listed the tips for maintaining Feminine Hygiene and Comfort that are elaborated below. Just read them, increase your knowledge about your body and take precautions regarding intimate health whenever possible.

  • Washing Properly: Wash the intimate region post peeing with water and always wash it with a mild cleanser during the shower. Keep care of the direction as the region should be washed from front to back. Never use the cleanser inside vagina as it is meant for cleaning only the outside region.
  • Choosing Right Products: Always be careful while choosing intimate hygiene products as not paying attention to composition of products as certain things may not suit everyone. Do not opt for scented products as they aren't good for the intimate region and can disturb the pH level of vagina and most likely contain artificial scents that are composed of chemicals.
  • Breathable Lingerie: Opts for a breathable pair of undies as uncomfortable and synthetic fabrics can irritate the sensitive region and increase the chances of microbes in the genital area. Also, the synthetic fabrics have a tendency to capture the moisture thereby causing irritation and increasing infection rate. Make a habit to dry out your washed lingerie in an open space especially under sun as it kills the germs and dries it properly.
  • Maintaining Personal Hygiene: It's necessary to keep proper cleanliness. Bath properly daily and clean the genital area with a mild cleanser that is free of fragrance and chemicals. Don't wear wet undergarments as the moisture can increase the chances of getting an infection. Change into a fresh underwear post workout after a good shower.
  • Proper Hydration: Completing the daily intake of water is extremely important for maintenance of hygiene. Not consuming enough water can increase the chances of getting UTIs. It helps to remove toxins from the body and support vaginal health.
  • Nutritious Diet: A good diet plays an important role in maintaining hygiene. Try to avoid foods high in sugar as much as you can along with junk too. Add more probiotics in your diet like yogurt, cranberries and probiotic supplements as they contain good bacteria and are rich in antioxidants that support vaginal health. Also, add Omega-3 and 6 to the diet along with Vitamin C and E.
  • Safe Intimacy: Protection should be used during sex in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Also, get your and your partner's regular check up against infections and other diseases. Always pee after sex as it removes the bacteria that might have got transferred during the act. Make sure to clean up as well post act since it keeps genitals fresh and clean.
  • Good Washroom Habits: In order to maintain good hygiene, it is essential to maintain good habits. Make sure you wipe the genital area from back to the front post using the washroom as it avoids the bacteria from spreading. Never hold urine for longer periods of time as it increases the chances of getting UTI and can have a harmful effect on the urinary bladder too.
  • Infection Symptoms: Always keep a check on the discharges, irritation, burning sensation as it might indicate presence of an infection. If you notice something unusual, consult a doctor as soon as possible as certain symptoms may turn into bigger problems over time.


Intimate health plays an essential health in the overall well-being of a person and especially females. Take care of your intimate and overall health and your body will thank you for it. In case of any doubts, reach out to any gynecologist regarding your respective concern.

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