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The Facts About Period Pain: Debunking Myths and Providing Clarity

The Facts About Period Pain: Debunking Myths and Providing Clarity

Menstruation is a vital part of a woman's life and reproductive cycle. However, it is normal but the pain and other symptoms that come along with it can cause extreme discomfort in some others as well. This pain, also called Dysmenorrhea can be mild in some while severe in other women. But there are many misconceptions and myths around the same topic. We have debunked the myths aiming to provide clarity in this blog so every woman knows the facts about her body and the natural process she goes through every month.

Period pain is a common companion for many women when their menstrual cycle begins each month. For women of all ages, it is crucial to comprehend the subtleties of this prevalent yet occasionally crippling sensation. Understanding period pain is the very first aspect towards successfully dealing with this monthly struggle.

Myths or Facts? 

Myth 1: Every woman experiences the same amount of pain.

Fact: This is a very common misconception that every woman experiences the same amount of pain. The fact is that the intensity varies from one person to another. While some women go through mild pain while others go through a severe pain making them miss work and college. This can also hamper daily activities and makes the period days non-productive. This can be a result of medical conditions and hormonal fluctuations.

Myth 2: Period Pain only exists in the head.

Fact: Period Pain is not a psychological phenomenon. It is very real as our existence and causes discomfort too. The unfortunate thing is people think women just brag and exaggerate the period pain. This is a really bad thing to do as a person going through pain & discomfort doesn't deserve to be told that all the pain is just psychological. The physical pain women go through is due to the uterus shedding its lining and the resulting contractions cause the pain. Apart from this, the prostaglandin hormone is released that causes inflammation as well as pain in the pelvic region.

Myth 3: It is mandatory to consume painkillers in pain.

Fact: Pain killers work well for those experiencing extreme pain. But some women do not even find relief after consuming these period pain relief tablets and that can be worse. The solutions to Period Pain can be different for women depending upon the underlying cause. This can include changes in diet and lifestyle like limiting smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Some cases might require surgery as well in case of any medical condition.

Myth 4: Painful Periods are very much normal.

Fact: Many elders say that painful periods are a normal thing and shouldn't be made fuss of. This creates a disparity and degrades the value of pain women go through resulting in improper treatment and care. Mild pain with other symptoms is common, severe pain is definitely not. Help should be sought from the doctor and checked if uterine fibroids and endometriosis is not present that may be the reason for debilitating pain.

Myth 5: Period Pain reduces with age.

Fact: This myth is also very common and often passed on to younger generations from the elder that the intensity of period pain usually decreases with age. This is true only for some women as not everyone experiences reduction in pain due to age. Also, the intensity can be lesser at a certain age while more at other. So, there is no fixed severity level of pain and any underlying medical issue can make it worse. This myth should not be fed to women as many hope that their pain would get lesser as they age.

Myth 6: Consuming Birth control is the only way out to deal with pain.

Fact: Hormonal control methods like consuming birth control is not the only way when it comes to dealing with period pain. They can help in regulating the period cycle and work to reduce pain as well in some cases but they shouldn't be consumed by everyone for treating the pain. Other methods like lifestyle changes, heat therapy are better methods to deal with pain.


Period pain should never be downplayed as women go through the pain that hampers their daily activities too. It is very important to debunk all the misconceptions and myths around this topic as women have the right to access right and clear information about their bodies. In case of extreme pain going out of control, it's better to consult a gynecologists for a proper diagnosis and treatment.


Q1: What causes period pain?

Period pain, or dysmenorrhea, is primarily caused by contractions of the uterus as it sheds its lining during menstruation. These contractions can cause cramping and discomfort.

Q2: Is period pain normal?

Yes, some degree of period pain is considered normal for many women. However, severe or debilitating pain may indicate an underlying condition that requires medical attention.

Q3: Are there different types of period pain?

Yes, there are two main types of period pain: primary dysmenorrhea, which is common and occurs without any underlying health issues, and secondary dysmenorrhea, which is caused by an underlying condition such as endometriosis or fibroids.

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