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Understanding Period Pain: Causes and Solutions

Understanding Period Pain: Causes and Solutions

Menstruation or Periods refer to the shedding of the uterus line once every 28 days. There can be multiple discomfort symptoms before the period occurs, during and sometimes post period too. Having a good understanding about period pain, its causes and solutions can give a better insight about do's and don'ts during periods that can ease out the symptoms.

Period Pain & Dysmenorrhea

The menstruation process is where girls go through tedious symptoms and discomfort. Pain may be mind for some women while extreme for others. Every female has different symptoms. This pain & discomfort is referred to as dysmenorrhea and can be of two types: 

Primary Dysmenorrhea

Most women usually suffer from primary Dysmenorrhea that causes pain 2-3 days prior to the period date and can last through the cycle or on the first 2 days. This is not a serious issue as the pain is caused by uterus muscles contracting in order to shed the blood lining.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

This type of Dysmenorrhea is a result of any underlying medical issue such as fibroids, cysts, or pelvic inflammatory infection/disease. This usually comes later in life and can cause other health issues as well.

Causes Of Period Pain

There can be a number of causes responsible for period pain. They are as follows: 

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal fluctuations are responsible for period pain. Hormones like estrogen and prostaglandin can increase or decrease the pain severity. If you have a high amount of prostaglandin, period pain is more likely to be severe.

Uterine Contractions

Uterine Contractions constitute for the most portion of pain and discomfort because the muscles contract in order to expel the blood inside the uterus. Hormonal variations can also cause changes in the intensity of muscle contractions hence causing pain.

Poor Lifestyle Practices

Poor Lifestyle choices such as consuming alcohol, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the chances of having a painful period. Not only this, consuming too much caffeine, foods loaded with high sugar and oil also increase the cramps.

Underlying Medical Problems

Underlying Medical Problems can be the cause of medical pain as well due to endometriosis and fibroids.

Solutions to Period Pain

There are multiple ways to deal with pain through medication and natural remedies. They are given as follows:

Pain Relievers

During the periods, painkillers like naproxen and ibuprofen can be consumed which are helpful in decreasing discomfort and cramps. They actually reduce the production of prostaglandin which is responsible for contractions and causing pain.

Dietary Changes

A healthy and balanced diet should be consumed including whole grains, raw veggies, and fruits. Also, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they increase inflammation and cause painful cramps.

Managing Stress

Stress is actually responsible for increasing the intensity of the pain so practice yoga and meditation for managing the stress. Stress can fluctuate hormonal levels and lead to an increase in discomfort.

Birth Control

In some cases, gynecologists can also recommend the consumption of birth control pills as they alter the hormonal levels reducing the pain during periods.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is one of the best ways to reduce pain as it eases the muscles. You can use a hot bottle or hot pad on the lower part of the abdomen that relaxes the muscles of the uterus and reduces the pain.

Working Out

Working out on a regular basis works wonders for period pain as it helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body hence resulting in reduced intensity of pain. You can do this during periods as well, particularly low-impact ones.

Herbal Remedies

Many Ayurvedic remedies can be helpful to reduce period pain and ease out other symptoms and discomfort related to periods. Fennel seeds water and turmeric milk are also helpful in reducing the pain. You can add honey to the beverages.


Dealing with period pain can be quite a difficult task to deal with especially when it hampers with daily activities and you need to miss out important events too. It's very important to know if the pain is normal period pain or due to any other issue. The above listed solutions can help to reduce the pain as well as discomfort to a great extent.

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