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Discovering the Secrets to Managing Period Pain for a Pain Free Cycle

Discovering the Secrets to Managing Period Pain for a Pain Free Cycle

Menstruation is a monthly cycle that women go through as soon as they attain puberty in their age and continues till menopause. This extremely long duration of reproductive phase can be simple for some while painful for others as with menstruation comes a lot of other discomforts like pain, mood swings, fatigue and other symptoms that make even daily chores miserable. Are you also one of them? Does only thinking of period pain start haunting you? Relax, it's time to be at ease.

The Secret Guide

This menstrual pain can create a very uncomfortable experience for women. But you need not worry as in this blog we will discover the secrets to managing period pain for a pain free cycle. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, read on the below listed methods to know how you can manage period pain.

Balanced And Nutritious Diet 

What you eat and consume on a daily basis not only decides your overall health but governs menstrual health as well. Eating a proper diet that is full of nutrients can help to reduce the intensity of menstrual pain. Iron rich food substances should be consumed as they help to deal with fatigue and restore the iron in the body that gets lost through bleeding. Iron rich foods include beans, red meat and leafy green vegetables. Magnesium rich foods help to reduce bloating as well as mood swings. Eat whole grains, seeds and nuts for a good intake of magnesium. Foods rich in Omega-3 are helpful in reducing pain and inflammation like walnuts, flaxseeds and fatty fish. 

Regular Workout

Working out regularly is known to have a significant impact on period pain as working out improves the blood flow and as a result endorphins are released making the body relaxed. During periods, you can opt for any exercise with low impact. It's not necessary to do high impact ones. Do whatever you wish and at your own pace. Overdoing will do more harm than good.

Proper Hydration

Being properly hydrated is important for the body and helps to alleviate discomfort during periods as well. You can also consume ginger tea and chamomile tea that soothe down the body and reduce the discomfort caused by cramps. Avoid over consumption of coffee as it dehydrates the body.

PainKillers to Rescue

Certain painkillers work wonders to reduce pain. For example, Naproxen, Ibuprofen and Meftal Spas. However, make sure to take it in a limited dosage that is recommended. Sometimes birth control pills are also recommended by doctors in order to deal with pain.

Ayurvedic/Herbal Remedies

You can try ayurvedic or herbal remedies that have been used by elders and passed on to younger generations as well for managing period pain. You might have tried various herbal remedies at home that our grandmothers have told us. For example, ginger is a wonderful ingredient that can help to reduce pain. It can be consumed with hot water or even in tea. Turmeric combined with milk has a soothing effect on pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Heating Therapy

You can use a hot water bag on the lower portion of abdomen and back as this provides relief from pain during periods. You can also take a warm bath as this promotes muscle relaxation. Apart from heating Therapy, acupressure and acupuncture also work well to restore balance that further reduces the pain in the body.

Lifestyle Amendments

Certain lifestyle habits go a long way when it comes to dealing with period pain. Stress reduction techniques should be practiced like yoga and mindfulness as stress is known to have disastrous effects on female reproductive and menstrual health. Adequate sleep should be a part of daily routine as sleep helps to relax the body and promotes hormonal balance. 


Dealing with period pain can be different for every individual. Some techniques might work for others while some may not. Understanding your body and habits properly plays an important role in this. Try to improve your habits slowly as not everything can be changed at once. You can manage period pain to a great extent with above listed techniques and methods.

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