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Ayurveda and Diabetes: Everything you must know!

Ayurveda and Diabetes: Everything you must know!

Diabetes, one of the diseases growing at a rapid rate due to the growing unhealthy lifestyle among people. It can be quite a challenge to live with diabetes due to multiple precautions that need to be taken while consuming food but however it can be taken care of with ease by following an Ayurvedic approach.

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Management of Diabetes: Key Points

With the hub of knowledge that Ayurveda is, it provides multiple ways to manage diabetes and that too naturally. For more useful information, keep on reading below:

For management of diabetes, an easy and holistic approach is followed in Ayurveda. It can be done via following ways: 

  • Ayurvedic Herb remedies
  • Certain lifestyle changes that directly impact the sugar levels
  • Diet and Portion Control
  • Ayurvedic therapies to increase the detox capability of body (usually done in severe cases)

Lifestyle Changes: Type 2 Diabetes 

In order to manage Type 2 Diabetes, a diet that works on Kapha is to be consumed. You can do that by: 

  • Reduce or try to avoid the consumption of milk products as they aggravate Kapha. They can be replaced by milk products containing low-fat amounts. Ghee can be added to diet but in moderate amounts as it helps to make the digestion strong.
  • Make sure to consume warm, dry and light foods instead of opting for heavy, cold and oily.
  • In order to deal with Kapha dosha, legumes and beans need to be added to the diet. For example, Moong beans are considered really good for patients with diabetes.
  • Wheat and Rice may be considered heavy by stomach. More millets and corn can be added to the diet.
  • People suffering from diabetes should avoid non-veg foods as much as possible since they increase the chances of inflammation. 
  • Certain things that should not be taken are bananas, dates, custard apple, mango, etc.
  • Also, the foods that are bitter in taste help in good management of diabetes. For example, bitter gourd is an excellent vegetable to be consumed by diabetes patients

Diabetes and Ayurvedic Herbs

There are many Ayurvedic herbs that possess essential properties to help people with diabetes curb blood sugar levels.


Amla contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C due to which it is excellent for the patients with diabetes. Not only this, it also contains chromium that helps to improve the metabolism for carbs. Chromium increases the capability of the body to respond in a proper way to insulin produced. Iron, calcium as well as Phosphorus are also present in Amla that keeps the blood sugar levels in check.


Triphala is made of three elements called Bibhitaki, Amla and Haritaki. You might have heard its benefits regarding constipation. Wealth reply is not only useful and constipation it is useful for the patient having diabetes as well since it plays an important role in reducing the oxidative stress in the body.

Home Remedies and Diabetes

Many Ayurvedic herbs like Cinnamon, Fenugreek seeds, aloe vera, etc are good for lowering the sugar levels in blood. Fenugreek seeds can be consumed in the morning after soaking them overnight. This helps to lower the sugar levels in the blood. Similarly, cinnamon powder can be used after mixing it in water and consumed slowly once a day.

Our Take

Management of diabetes through Ayurveda is essential for healthy living as it is a slow poison since it can affect all the organs in the body. The ayurvedic approach helps to reduce the symptoms and causes that can trigger or spike the blood sugar levels. Follow it for yourself and watch the difference.