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A Step by Step Guide to Using Kidney Stone Powder for Relief

A Step by Step Guide to Using Kidney Stone Powder for Relief

Kidney stones are a very common problem that occur in many people, even youngsters these days and can be very painful and lead to disruption of daily life. All the many medicines are available in the market. There are some people who opt for ayurvedic medicine for getting relief from the pain. Well, Ayursesha has got a solution i.e. Kidney Stone Powder for treating kidney stones. Excited to know more? Here you go.

A Detailed Description

The kidney stone powder by Ayursesha is made by blending natural ingredients that are formulated in a way so that the kidney stones can be removed along with from the urinary tract as well, hence providing freedom from painful micturition and urinary infections. The best part about this powder is that it can eliminate the stones from the kidney without causing any side effects and is the safer way of dealing with stones as compared to the existing invasive procedures in the market.

Ingredient Formulation

Following ingredients are used in formulation of the kidney stone powder that are beneficial for the removal: 
    • Kulthi: Kulthi also called as horse gram that has been used for treating various health concerns. It has diuretic properties that increase the production of urine which is beneficial for flushing out stones. It also prevents stone formation and reduces mineral concentration in urine.
    • Bhadangi: Bhadangi possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are used in various remedies for reducing pain.
    • Pashan Bhed: Pashan Bhed possesses diuretic and litholytic properties that break bigger stones into pieces hence paving the way for them to pass with urine easily. It also increases the production of urine that flushes kidney stones hence preventing new ones from forming.
    • Punarnava: Punarnava has diuretic properties and is anti-inflammatory too. It reduces the discomfort and inflammation that comes with kidney stones. It also has an antioxidant effect that works to protect the kidney from oxidative effects. It reduces mineral concentration hence reducing recurrent stone formation.
    • Apamarg: Apamarg is a herb used for centuries in traditional medicine and has an excellent effect for treating medicine. It also works in relaxation of the urinary tract hence alleviating spasms along with the pain that comes as a side effect of kidney stones. This works to make the movement of stones smooth along the urinary tract.
    • Varuna: Varuna has anti-crystallisation and anti-lithogenic properties. It breaks the mineral crystals in kidneys and its penetrative nature pushes stones out of kidneys and urinary tract.
    • Mooli Chaar: Also known by the name radish extract, it has good water content and low concentration of oxalates. It also promotes overall health of the digestive system and kidneys too. Radish extract is a good source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. It prevents the stone formation as well.
    • Sawet Parpati: It has a property of dissolving stones that works to break them down hence eliminating them in a natural manner.

Apart from the above listed ingredients there are many more ingredients in Ayursesha Kidney Stone Powder like Jeera, Hajrul Yahood Bhasma, Yavchhar and many more that work collectively in treating stones and keeping the kidneys healthy. 

Please note that this is not a substitute for any medicine course that you are undergoing and you should consult a doctor if you are already on medication and have other underlying issues.


This powder can work wonders to help you deal with kidney stones. You need to be consistent and patient with its course of consumption as you won't get the result in a single day. Adopt healthier diet and lifestyle practices along with making necessary modifications so as to live a healthy and pain free life.

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