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Hormones For Breast Growth

Hormones For Breast Growth

The body of females is built in a way that it gets pretty complex at times to understand and realize its potential. With hormones fluctuating in different ways at different times of month can take a toll. Also, hormones play a major role in skin and hair health and also the looks too. And one of the things that many women pay attention to is their breast growth. Well, the shape and size of breasts keeps changing throughout the different phases of life at different ages. 

The World of Hormones

Many hormones play an important role in breast growth. They are: 

  • Estrogen: This hormone is a primary sex hormone in females and is responsible for playing a vital role in development of breasts. It is produced in ovaries and the development of breast tissues during puberty is stimulated by this hormone. The ducts and mammary glands are developed by this hormone. Not only this, even the deposition of fat in breast tissues is done by this hormone hence enhancing the overall shape and look of breasts.
  • Prolactin: This hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for stimulation of milk production. Well, milk is produced in mammary glands and this hormone promotes the same. Prolactin acts as a key hormone during the period of pregnancy & lactation. Well, some girls may also experience higher levels of prolactin during puberty.
  • Progesterone: Progesterone goes hand in hand with estrogen and plays a vital role in breast development too. The main focus of estrogen is glandular tissue while the progesterone focuses on development of structures that produce milk. It also plays a key role in the menstrual cycle as it prepares the breasts for a pregnancy (potential one).
  • Growth Hormone: Pituitary Gland produces the growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for promoting breast growth even after puberty is over. However, its effect may not be as major as that of estrogen and progesterone but it's not negligible. 

Factors affecting Hormones

  • Puberty: Puberty is the phase where hormones start fluctuating as the body gets ready for the reproductive phase and the changes start appearing in the body.
  • Menstrual Cycle: It causes Hormonal fluctuations throughout the month as estrogen levels are higher in premenstrual as well as ovulatory phases. These may also cause increased tenderness in breasts. 
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is responsible for a roller coaster ride of hormonal fluctuations throughout the entire period. The levels of progesterone and estrogen become very high and cause breasts to grow. Also, the size of the mammary gland grows and fatty tissue too.
  • Menopause: It is considered the last chapter of reproductive life and it acts as one too since the progesterone and estrogen levels go down causing changes in body especially size and appearance of breasts. 

Key Takeaway

Getting a detailed knowledge of female body hormones can give you a proper insight about the different life phases and a healthy approach to life. The hormones are important in all phases from the onset of puberty till the menopause and keep changing the body throughout. All the changes are natural and learn to embrace your body in different phases. Also, do consult a healthcare professional to clear doubts about body and well-being.

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