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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Battling Hair Fall

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Battling Hair Fall

Here Are Some Usefull Tips For Reduce Hairfall

Are you tired of watching fallen strands of hair here and there? Have you tried multiple things but nothing seems to work out when it comes to battling hair fall? Are you also one of those people who keep on trying multiple oils and switching shampoos and conditioners in order to maintain hair health? Let us break the myth to you. Switching shampoos, conditioners and oils is not enough when you are fighting with hair fall. Along with proper hair care along with proper hair care, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid when battling hair fall. The fact is that if you do not focus on these common mistakes, you can even aggravate the issue of hair fall.

Hairfall: Poor Diet or Bad Haircare?

Below is the given list of common mistakes that most of people make, read on to know if you are also making the same: 

  • Not Consuming a Nutritious Diet: Gobbling more junk and not consuming a balanced diet can cause a deficiency of essential nutrients in the body hence causing hair fall. Our body needs a balanced consumption of all the nutrients, especially the ones that support hair health like vitamin D, biotin, zinc and iron too. Proper intake of these nutrients keeps the follicles of hair strong and makes them look healthy too.

  • Overwashing Hair:  Overwashing hair is harmful for them making the hair follicles weak and more exposed. Washing twice or thrice is enough as more than that can lead to hair damage. You can also rotate mid-week hair wash sessions with dry shampoos in case your hair turns oily.

  • Overuse of Hair Products: Trying new hair products every now and then can damage the scalp due to concentration of chemicals in hair and on scalp. This makes hair weak and thin. You can opt for herbal shampoos or ones that are free of sulfate.

  • Not Paying attention to Scalp Health: Scalp says a lot about the health of hair as not paying enough attention can give rise to issues like dandruff and many others. Also, keep the oil production of your scalp in check. Make sure the scalp is thoroughly cleansed and oil them once a week. 

  • Underlying Medical Issues: Hairfall can be a symptom or an effect of any underlying medical issue like PCOD, thyroid, etc. If you feel nothing is working on your hair fall it’s better to consult a doctor since he may conduct some tests to rule out the actual causes.

  • Improper Sleep Schedule: Sleep is called beauty sleep for a reason since it replenishes the body and is important for good hair and skin health. The stress caused due to fast-paced life damages the hair and less sleep aggravates the issue even more  as it disturbs the level of hormones in the body. Try to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours daily and you can also give a try to yoga and meditation for reducing the stress level.

  • Blindly Following Trends:  With the trend of social media, people blindly follow DIY hacks, baseless advice when it comes to hair care regarding products and routine. Do not try this as you might not be aware which ingredient suits scalp and which doesn't.  Everyone has a different hair type and scalp type too. And if you wish to try something new, always try a patch test first.

  • Hot Water Use: If you are one of the persons, who uses hot water for washing the hair,  you need to be aware that hot water removes natural oils from the hair making it drier and thinner hence causing more breakage.  you can rather opt for  water that is government temperature in order to avoid drying. Washing with cold water still remains on the top as it keeps the moisture locked in the hair and also prevents hair damage.

  • Conclusion

    Sometimes dealing with hairfall can be quite tough and a task to do. But focusing on mistakes and making slow and steady improvements is what is the actual deal. Avoid experimenting much and go with the flow and consult a dermatologist if there is an excessive hair fall. Rest assured, small steps daily will give you healthy and luscious hair.

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