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Best Intimate Wash For Women

Best Intimate Wash For Women

In the world of hygiene, taking care of yourself is extremely important and even more important when it comes to intimate hygiene and health especially in women. And an intimate wash plays the key role in female intimate hygiene. Intimate wash is a cleanser formulated for keeping the genital area clean and maintaining the pH balance. There are multiple intimate washes for females launched by multiple brands in the markets each one with its own formulation. It's very important to choose the right one that works for your skin down there.

Benefits of Intimate Washes

Among all the options available in the market, you might be confused about which one you should purchase. Before we tell you that, here are some benefits offered by intimate washes that you need to know.

  • Maintaining pH levels: Intimate Wash helps to maintain the vaginal pH whereas body washes and regular soaps can cause disruption in pH levels hence exposing the genital region to infections. Intimate washes are helpful in maintaining the genital environment and keeping pH levels normal.
  • Preventing Discomfort: Discomfort in genital area is pretty common during periods and post engaging in a sexual act. Washing the area with a mild intimate wash can soothe down the irritation as the skin down there is sensitive. 
  • Prevention of Infections: Washing the intimate area with intimate wash prevents bacterial overgrowth and yeast infections as bacteria tends to grow in moist regions and especially down there. Washes help to keep the area clean hence avoiding the chances for any overgrowth.
  • Post Menopause Effect: Women often experience dryness in the vaginal region after menopause hits due to multiple hormonal changes that women go through. Intimate washes can help to prevent the same.
  • Odor Control: Women might struggle with odor down there. Well, if you use intimate wash daily, you can keep odor at bay and have a happy and healthy intimate area.

Miss & Mrs Foaming & Gel Intimate Wash

Since you are aware about the benefits intimate washes provide, the best intimate wash recommended by us is Miss & Mrs Foaming & Gel Intimate Wash by Ayursesha that is crafted with 100% natural ingredients. It contains witch hazel, calendula, tea tree oil and aloe vera. Witch Hazel is known for increasing comfort and reducing inflammation whereas calendula works in replenishment of sensitive skin in genital area. Tea tree oil possesses antibacterial properties and is best for preventing infections. Aloe Vera increases comfort due to its soothing nature.

Usage: Using this is pretty simple as you need to just make the genital area wet and take a little amount of wash into your hands. Apply it and make lather gently and wash off with clean water. 


Using an intimate wash is as important as any other skin care routine and hygiene habits that we follow daily. Its role in maintaining the health of an intimate region cannot be ignored if you wish to have healthy intimate hygiene. Any negligence can result in infections that can further hamper daily life and intimate life too. Try to take care of intimate hygiene equally as any other body part.

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