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Perfect Herbal Care Pushp Tulsi Drops

Perfect Herbal Care Pushp Tulsi Drops

With the changes in lifestyles, people, especially youth, are prone to various health issues due to lower immunity in their bodies. Lower immunity becomes an ideal invitation for various infections that attack the immune system and can cause multiple health issues. Low immunity can even be a magnet for health problems during the changing of seasons especially children and people having underlying health issues. But what can be done to tackle the same? Some crucial information related to the same has been explained in the blog below.

The Efficacy and Uses of Tulsi








Here, we have presented information about an ingredient commonly used in immunity boosters and Indian households with loads of medicinal and other properties good for health. This herb is none other than Tulsi also synonymous with Holy Basil. The miraculous properties of this herb make it one of the most sought after ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines and supplements. Are you eager to learn more about this magical herb? Here you go:

  • Respiratory Health: Tulsi has antioxidants like Rosmarinus acid, bioflavonoids and phytochemicals. All these are good for treating infections in lungs and respiratory tract as they are antimicrobial agents. Tulsi provides relaxation to the throat, reduces inflammation and relieves the cough. It is often used in Teas to cure cold and cough and is given to people of all ages since it is completely safe.
  • Good in Fevers: The healing properties of Tulsi come from phytonutrients and essential oils. Tulsi is an excellent disinfectant, germicidal and antibiotic agent that acts as a shield on our body against fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Tulsi possesses formidable properties and destroys the pathogens. 
  • Good for Kidneys: The detoxifying properties of Tulsi help the body to stay healthy from within. It also helps to reduce the uric acid levels in the body that is one of the leading reasons for kidney stones. It also benefits people suffering from Gout Arthritis.
  • Glowing Skin: The fact that the antioxidants and phytochemicals also help the skin to glow from within since they prevent the free radical damage that is the main cause of aging. This also improves the immunity and the defense mechanism of the body.

The range of utilization of Tulsi leaves is actually from consumption in Kadha to tea and from balms to skincare. The taste is slightly astringent and bitter in nature but the qualities of this herb make it nothing less than Gold. 

PushP Tulsi Drops: An Immunity Powerhouse 








Ayursesha has made the job of incorporating Tulsi into daily routine easier by making ayurvedic tulsi drops so that you don't need to go through the hassle of finding Tulsi leaves everyday. This product is perfect Herbal care Pushp Tulsi Drops that you can add into your routine as per your choice that can vary from person to person. From beverages to culinary dishes, it's up to you to use these drops to benefit your body and feel healthy from inside and outside too. It is perfectly safe for children and elders too since it is organically made. Made with 100 percent natural herbs, you don't need to worry about chemical or artificial additives since Ayursesha only crafts products using herbs straight from the farms.


You can proceed to add Tulsi drops in your daily regime without putting any extra effort or extra preparation for your food and other meals. Also, you need to be pretty much regular with the consumption of Tulsi drops to enjoy the results of good health. Do give a try to Pushp Tulsi Drops today itself. Also, work on your lifestyle and diet in order to build a good body internally and externally as well.



Q1: How does Tulsi contribute to respiratory health?

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, contains antioxidants and antimicrobial agents beneficial for lung and respiratory tract infections. It relaxes the throat, reduces inflammation, and alleviates cough, making it a popular remedy in teas for cold and cough relief across all age groups.

Q2: What are the benefits of Pushp Tulsi Drops for immunity?

Pushp Tulsi Drops by Ayursesha offer an easy way to incorporate Tulsi into daily routines. Made from 100% natural herbs, these drops aid in boosting immunity without the hassle of sourcing Tulsi leaves daily. Safe for both children and adults, these drops can be added to beverages and culinary dishes for internal and external health benefits.

Q3: How does Tulsi aid in kidney health and skin glow?

Tulsi's detoxifying properties help maintain kidney health by reducing uric acid levels and benefiting individuals with conditions like Gout Arthritis. Additionally, its antioxidant content prevents free radical damage, promoting glowing skin and strengthening the body's defense mechanism against aging. 

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