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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for Breast Health and Growth | Ayursesha

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for Breast Health and Growth | Ayursesha

Breasts are the most important part of a woman's body that helps a woman to confide in herself. However every woman has different sizes of breasts. The ones with smaller ones usually lack self esteem and confidence and look for ways to increase their size. Having said this, it needs to be noted that having healthy breasts is as equally important as any other body part. Many women suffer from low confidence due to their small breasts and do not feel confident to present themselves in front of people since breasts add a vibe of femininity in the female body with beautiful curves.

Is natural better?

Cosmetic procedures for increasing the size of your breast also known as breast augmentation are not only heavy for your pocket as they can turn out to be heavy for your health as well, especially in the long term. Many women drain their pockets opting for expensive procedures that can turn out to be fatal as well. From recovery time to regular appointments, going through all the physical and mental turmoil would be the last thing on anyone's list. Well, if you are one of those women who have been wondering How To Increase your Cup Size without going for the expensive and painful cosmetic procedure you have come to the absolutely correct place. 

The Holistic Ayurvedic Approach 

Following an ayurvedic approach can actually get you bigger breasts. Wondering how you can do that? We have got you covered. From foods to yoga, many ways are present to work on increasing breast size. Go through the listed ways below: 

    • Fenugreek Seeds: Mixing fenugreek seeds with mustard seeds and applying their oil followed by a massage actually helps to firm up the tissues in the breast and increase their size.  
    • Fennel Seeds: Fennel Seeds form an excellent food for enhancement of the breasts. They can be added to diet or mixed with olive oil in Raw or ground form and can be further used for massaging the breasts. 
    • Soybean: Soybean is actually one of the foods having richest levels of phytoestrogen, the hormone that supports the development of tissues present in breasts. Not only this, it also prevents the formation of free radicals hence preventing cancer and supporting health.

    • Sesame Oil: An oil that has been used for centuries for healing and providing nourishment to various parts of the body, sheeshe moil is extremely beneficial for breast health as well. Using sesame oil not only provides nourishment to tissues, it supports overall breast health as it is a rich source of calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

    • Massaging Breasts with Right Technique: Massaging the breasts with the right technique also p.lays an important role in increasing the breast size. Whenever you use an oil for massaging the breasts, make sure to massage them in circular directions and also join them while massaging. This causes an uplift and gives them a fuller look. Repeat the round movements for ten times a day. 

    • Yoga: Certain yoga asanas can also help to firm up the breasts tissues and tone up the muscles around the breasts giving them a fuller look. Spot reduction and increment is not possible. However, some yoga asanas can prove to be useful for toning up breasts like Ustrasana, Bhujangasana, Dwikonasana.

    • Supplements: Many herbal supplements made with natural ingredients and herbs are also available in the market that help to increase the breast size by providing necessary natural boost to the hormones and supporting breast health too.

    • Olive Oil: Olive alone as well is excellent for nourishment of breasts and works wonders. Try to massage the breasts using olive oil at night regularly for a certain time period. You can even add honey for a more moisturizing effect. 

The Power Of Consistency 

Do these methods consistently on a regular basis in order to reap useful results. Consistency is required for nourishing the tissues present in the breast properly. Whether it's massaging technique or consumption of foods, a routine needs to be followed for yielding fruitful results. It might take time to reflect results but once you get to see those, you will be extremely delighted.

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