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Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

In order to have beautiful and luscious hair, many people keep trying on different hair care products that claim to make hair healthy and beautiful. However, some products may even provide results that claim, but even today, a large percentage of people prefer natural remedies and products as compared to chemical ones due to their multiple advantages. Ayurvedic hair oils are one of the products of ancient Indian wisdom. They have multiple benefits, from the nourishment provided to the scalp to restoring the health of the hair. 

Ayurveda: Holistic Approach to Hair Care

Ayurveda: Holistic Approach to Hair Care

Since the approach followed by Ayurveda is holistic and consists of balancing mind and body, accompanied by spirit, hair care is also a crucial part of well-being. Ayurvedic hair oils are made with completely natural ingredients that contain essential oils, botanical extracts, and potential herbs as well. These work on issues like premature graying, dryness, dandruff, and hair loss and also make hair stronger.

  • Stimulation of Hair Follicles: The blended oils and herbs in hair oil have a deep penetration tendency that stimulates the hair follicles and also promotes healthy hair growth.

  • Improvement in Blood Circulation: A proper massage with hair oil made using Ayurvedic herbs improves the circulation of blood in the body, making sure the follicles in the scalp get proper oxygen and nutrients for good hair growth.

  • Prevention of Scalp Infections: There are multiple Ayurvedic ingredients like Tulsi and Neem that play a major role in the prevention of scalp infections, along with dandruff, which creates a healthy environment for healthy hair.

  • Strengthening Hair Roots: If you massage your hair regularly with Ayurvedic oil, the roots of the hair get strengthened, reducing breakage and hair fall, resulting in thicker and more luscious hair.

  • Nourishment: The herbs and oils present in Ayurvedic hair oils condition the hair, nourishing it from within and helping to restore its vitality and shine.

How do I reap maximum benefit?

How do I reap maximum benefit?

In order to gain maximum benefits from Ayurvedic hair growth oils, it is very important to incorporate them into your daily hair care. You might be wondering how it can be done. Here are the steps explained: 

  • Choosing the Right Oil: Choose an Ayurvedic Hair Oil that is suited to your hair type and caters to specific concerns. Also, the scalp type differs, and so does the oil.

  • Proper Massage: You can slightly heat the oil and massage it circularly. This makes sure the oil is absorbed in a better manner and works on blood circulation as well.

  • Leaving it on: For the oil to penetrate into the scalp and nourish it, it is better to leave the oil on the hair. The time duration can vary from 30 minutes to overnight as well. However, people with oily scalps should leave only for a few hours, and people with dry scalps can consider leaving overnight.

  • Shampoo: After the oil has been left for a good duration, wash it off with a shampoo and also condition for maintaining the nourishment. Remember to not over-shame, as it can wash out the necessary oil and make the hair dry.

  • Be Consistent: To see good results, you need to use Ayurvedic hair oil 2 to 3 times a week for hair care. However, it can differ according to scalp types.


In a world where multiple hair care products are present everywhere, the Ayurvedic approach can be a refreshing one and a tested one too. Also, Ayurveda not only caters to symptoms but also works on root causes. So, if you have been ignoring your hair care and regular oiling, it's time to brave yourself and hop on to a good hair care routine as much as you take care of your skin.

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