5 Ways To Treat Ed That Eliminate The Need To Take A Pill

Erectile Dysfunction (Ed) Is A Common Condition That Affects Many Men. It Is Defined As The Inability To Achieve Or Maintain An Erection Sufficient For Sexual Activity. According To The National Institutes Of Health (Nih), Approximately 5% Of Men Who Are 40 Years Old Have Complete Ed, And The Prevalence Increases To About 15% Of Men At Age 70. While Medications Like Viagra And Cialis Are Commonly Used To Treat Ed, There Are Also Non-Pharmaceutical Approaches That Can Be Just As Effective. In This Post, We’ll Discuss Five Ways To Treat Ed That Don’t Involve Taking Pills.

Lifestyle Changes

One Of The Most Effective Ways To Treat Ed Is To Make Lifestyle Changes. Regular Exercise Can Improve Overall Health And Help With Ed By Increasing Blood Flow To The Penis. Eating A Healthy Diet That Includes Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, And Lean Protein Can Also Help Improve Erectile Function. Smoking Can Damage Blood Vessels And Reduce Blood Flow To The Penis, So Quitting Smoking Is An Important Step In Treating Ed. Limiting Alcohol Consumption Can Also Help Improve Erectile Function.


Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises, Such As Kegels, Can Help Strengthen The Muscles That Control Ejaculation And Erection. To Do Kegels, Squeeze The Muscles That You Would Use To Stop The Flow Of Urine, Hold The Contraction For A Few Seconds, And Then Release. Repeat This Several Times A Day. Research Has Shown That Regular Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Improve Erectile Function In Men With Ed.


Acupuncture Is An Alternative Therapy That Involves Inserting Thin Needles Into Specific Points On The Body. It Has Been Used For Centuries In Traditional Chinese Medicine To Treat A Variety Of Conditions, Including Ed. Acupuncture Can Improve Blood Flow To The Penis And Stimulate The Production Of Nitric Oxide, Which Is Essential For Achieving And Maintaining An Erection. Studies Have Found That Acupuncture Can Be An Effective Treatment For Ed, Improving Both Erectile Function And Sexual Satisfaction.

Vacuum Erection Devices

Vacuum Erection Devices Are Devices That Create A Vacuum Around The Penis, Causing Blood To Flow Into The Area And Create An Erection. While These Devices May Not Be As Effective As Medications Like Viagra, They Can Still Be A Useful Tool For Some Men. There Are Several Different Types Of Vacuum Erection Devices Available, Including Manual And Battery-Operated Models.

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